Jesus the Man + Guest Tomey Sellars

Sermon recap:  We continued our study of Jesus this Sunday with a sermon called “Jesus the Man.” We took a detailed look at the genealogy of Jesus. God goes to great lengths to record and preserve the genealogy of Jesus in the Bible. God does this not just so we know the genealogy of Jesus. He does this so we will be transformed by the genealogy of Jesus. The incarnation of Jesus Christ is an example of how we should love, serve and reach our generation and an example we are called to live-by. Watch the sermon here

Challenge for the week: Jesus lived a perfectly divine and a perfectly human life. As a man Jesus modeled obedience, patience, kindness, faithfulness, fidelity, work, rest, play, love and many other traits. Pick one of Jesus’s traits from this list and follow Jesus’s model this week. At the end of the week reflect on how embracing this characteristic impacted your life.

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