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God called us to step out in faith and plant Florida Faith Church in the heart of South Florida. We warmly invite you to also step out in faith and become an Eagles Club Partner. The name “Eagles Club” is derived from the legacy of George Earl Van Dorn and is reserved for our most faithful and generous friends and families. Your contributions help us to continue to share the message of Jesus Christ, transform lives and advance the Kingdom.

With your gift of $500 a month or one-time gift of $6000 or more, you will receive a beautiful leather-bound, study Bible.

If you are able to do more by becoming a Golden Eagle Partner with your gift of $1000 a month or more, or one-time gift of $12,000 or more we will send you a beautiful leather-bound, study Bible inscribed with your name and a note from Pastor Mark.

Shipping is included for all Bibles and will be shipped by the best method determined by Florida Faith Church.

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